lissom – process part 281 (strip me of my shadows until i’m raw)


I lost track of when it was that Rayna invited me to participate in the Process Series. But in that uncertain space of time we have grown to share an increasing and seemingly endless spring of inspiration, insight, support, and love. As has been made evident by the words and admiration of those who participate in and follow Modyfier, Rayna’s generosity, beauty, and grace is exceeded only by her curiosity and capacity to spark the imaginations and passion of others. I am grateful beyond words for the work she does, and to be fortunate enough to share life with her as one of my dearest friends.

This week I have been pouring myself completely into the creative process, as I tend to do when the challenges of life become overwhelming. It is how I focus, and become grounded. So when I decided yesterday that I wanted to release an EP to mark this period of massive transformation, it was clear that the time had come for me to join the current flowing through the conduit Rayna has created for us to share.

Let’s go lose ourselves in the waves…

What do you see when you look within? How deep do you let yourself go? Can you penetrate and dissolve the layers of past experience, and projections of future hopes & fears? Is it possible to clearly see who you are beyond the memories and perceptions that have shaped your experience? Can you observe your limitations and accept the truth of your state of being without judgement? What happens when you take responsibility as a co-creator of your own, and ultimately our shared reality?

I live my life in loops it seems, but rather than fixed cycles of predetermined outcomes, each successive phase expands the circle wider, slowly encompassing a broader field of perspective and thus experience. And from what I’ve garnered so far, the questions that I ask myself seem to serve the purpose of opening space to ask even more expansive questions. I am not seeking answers, and I have no destination. I am inviting the light of pure Consciousness to illuminate the totality of my being as it exists in space and time. This time, precisely this moment in time.

“Strip Me of My Shadows Until I’m Raw” is a reflection of my process of discovery, and the accumulation of experiences, memories, notions, artifacts, and all the other detritus that I have tried to attach myself to as a means of providing some form of comfort and security. But more than this it is a window into the space I am occupying right now, as I make a conscious effort to open my grip and release these distorted illusions so that I might drift in time more lightly, effortlessly, and with unfettered imagination and wonder.

I suppose this is the simplest way for me to describe the essence of why I create: to occupy a reflective and illuminated space wherein time slips away and I melt warmly into the total field of awareness, where we dissolve and all is everything and nothing.

lissom – process part 281 (strip me of my shadows until i’m raw) by modyfier

One comment on “lissom – process part 281 (strip me of my shadows until i’m raw)”

  1. Beautiful work Tana. Please morph this into an LP.

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