arnaud – process part 277


Before saying anything, I want to thank Rayna – one more time – for asking me to participate in her great project on Modyfier and for all the wonderful contributions to the Process Series thus far. As I am more used to mixing deep house, I took this as an opportunity to change my own habits and to offer you an unusual set, compared to what I normally play. I challenged myself to play only tracks I respect for their melodies, bringing emotions and a melancholic freshness. This was a chance for me to share all these gems that are from extremely influential artists whose creativity and innovation impress me and bring a little more joy every day.

arnaud – process part 277 by modyfier

01. map~map – 04_08_09m
02. The 7th Plain – Symphony For The Surrealists
03. Zavijava Orchestra – Harmonic Ripples
04. Shlohmo – Empty Pools
05. map~map – 04_15_09un
06. Saint-Saens – Le Cygne
07. Lawrence – Sunrise
08. F.U.S.E – nitedrive
09. Mathew Jonson – The Alchemist
10. Klaus Schulze – Heisser Tag
11. Lulu Rouge – Ninna Ninna
12. Mathew Jonson – When Love Feels Like Crying
13. Plastikman – Lost
14. Pantha Du Prince – Saturn Strobe

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