notfromearth – process part 275 (exploring modyfier)


For sometime now, I’ve been making drawings. I find they help my intuition to expand. It takes practice, and while the lines I make are perhaps informed by instinct or a kinetic memory, intuition gets stronger the more focus I allow it. It sharpens under my gaze. The more I make (of touch, of craft, or direct relationship), the more I find flow, the more I am the self I want to be.

Sometimes, even with rigor, it can be hard to find. Am I going in the right direction? Have I done this before? Am I evolving? What is the relationship between challenge & skill, arousal & control? Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has spent years researching creativity and what drives people to do what they do from all different walks of life (and not just in the arts). He wonders what makes folks devote their lives, independent of fame or fortune, to pursue what makes them happy.

Ecstacy, in Greek, meant to stand to the side of something, and then it became essentially an analogy for a mental state, where you feel you are not doing your normal, everyday routines. So ecstacy is essentially stepping into an alternative reality.’

Maybe it is the enjoyment of disorientation, of noticing differently what is always there (note: Robert Irwin’s Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees), of falling into a state of mind that is independent of the usual perceptions, of improvising a new reality, of embracing clang associations, of overlooking the apparent nonsense to enjoy whatever meaning may (or may not) emerge. It doesn’t matter: the way we are supposed to know things. The true art (or expression) lies in how you find your own way to communicate it, in how you redefine the rhetoric, in how you adapt language (and by this, I mean whatever tools you may be using to make) to circumstance, in how you live. It allows things the right to exist for what they are, independent of name or category.

This contribution to the Process Series grew out of a creative adjaceny (the best kind!). I let the drawings go, and they went and they played with Notfromearth. The video below was made using the drawings as flint, sparking them into another dimension, into movement & into time & into sound. Few things make me so happy as to be a part of a continuum, to be shown another way of existing & understanding. There is always more to know.

I send my thanks and gratitude out to Gianluca & Carlo (Notfromearth) for unearthing this collaboration as well as to all the artists who have participated and to all the people who have listened to the Process Series over the years. Stay curious. Float free.



notfromearth – process part 275 (exploring modyfier) by modyfier

One comment on “notfromearth – process part 275 (exploring modyfier)”

  1. This is wonderful. Combining great peace and calm yet a sense of foreboding. As a wav as well. You spoil us !

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