rossella – process part 274


August: the city empties. People accustomed to living in the chaos of cities often have the impression of being alone. Sometimes, the silence and tranquility can almost scare.

Loneliness scares.

My soul has no fear of loneliness in August. This is a time for reflection and to collect the ideas, but above all else, to listen to the voices coming from inside. Those are the voices that many are afraid to listen to. Quiet voices or screaming voices. Voices that whisper sweet things or sad things. We all have voices that speak to us, but often we are afraid and try to veil them. They distract us and return us to the reality of things.

Often we want to hide the perception of our state and our real feelings by pretending to be always happy and full of energy, not to be removed from the herd. I tried to express with music, the voices I hear in this period, which are luckily still quiet, although melancholic at times. It is a period of calm and I would like to share with the world.

Thanks again to Rayna to having given to me another possibility to do it.

rossella – process part 274 by modyfier

01. Lichtung – Yves De Mey -Line 039
02. Folk Five – Object – T2X16
03. Cold World – Realmz – Sonic Groove 0905
04. Follow Suit – Desolate – Fauxpas LP001
05. When first you gave me shivers… – Deadbeat
06. Polystyrene Box – Giuseppe Ielasi -12k2018
07. All Engines Go – Lunatik Sound System – JPNEASE2
08. Eclipse – SR RUIDO -TR13
09. 113 – Object -T2X16
10. Nu Este Roz – Dan Harbanham – EXIT CD 005
11. Mad As Hell (Sleeparchive Disco Club Mix) -Black Mustang- LOEB006
12. Departure – Heliopause – RMR001
13. Untitled 2 – Madteo – WORKSHOP 11
14. Lloyds theme – Sound of the Enders – CT16
15. Qawwali – Pinch – PLANET MU

2 comments on “rossella – process part 274”

  1. I haven’t listened to the mix yet but I’m sure it’s pretty good!
    As a silent follower of your site since more than a year, and passing by today, I just want to thank you and the artists for this unique podcast collection. Keep up this excellent work.

  2. This is all kinds of brilliant ! One of my many favourites from Modyfier. Also had to buy that Madteo track immediately.
    Big thanks to Rossella and Rayna.

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