marsen jules – process part 273


‘Footprints’ is a deep and dusty sound collage based on fragments of a piano piece by Claude Debussy. It plays a lot with my own understanding of dj-ing in the way that it is mainly a rearrangement of short pieces and there is a lot of chance in regards to the original pitch and tempo, which make this mix very conceptual and deep. Actually, it´s more a piece of Musique Concrete than a DJ-Mix. It starts with the original Debussy theme played at half speed, which is then accompanied by the pitched down fragments of an oboe from ‘Quartet for the End of Time’ by Olivier Messiaen. Suddenly, a wide pad opens up space with Cory Allens, ‘Chordata Analysis II’. Slowly the dark scapes of Steve Roach’s ‘A Deeper Silence’ fade in and some percusive sounds from Arvo Pärt’s ‘Sarah Was Nineteen Years Old’ appear on the scene. The reverbed rhythms are accompanied by Brian Eno’s, ‘Ekubukuro’. In this dark scape, the piano and violin themes return even lower, and again, slower than before. When the dark choirs from Arvo Pärt’s ‘Magnificat’ rise up, the dusty winter mood comes to it´s final point. Out of this the instruments return in their original way and open up in some live excerpt from 12k labelhead Taylor Deupree, which softly guides the listener back to his warm home.

marsen jules – process par 273 (footprints) by modyfier

01. Claude Debussy – Footprints in the snow
02. Arvo Pärt – Sarah was nineteen years old
03. Amici Ensemble plays Olivier Messian – Quartett for the end of time (III)
04. Steve Roach – A Deeper Silence
05. Cory Allen – Chordata Analysis II
06. Brian Eno – Ekebukuro
07. Arvo Pärt – Magnificat
08. Taylor Deupree – Live1 Mapping 5 Live in New York

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  1. […] of a piano piece by Claude Debussy’. The remaining excerpt is taken from your beautiful host, Modyfier where Martin gives us the lowdown on his approach to the […]

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