fabrizio lapiana – process part 268


It’s a great pleasure for me to contribute to Modyfier’s Process Series for the second time – big thanks to Rayna for this. As with the first, this is a 100% vinyl mix, recorded in my studio. It’s 70 minutes and represents many of the sounds I love to play during my gigs. From psychedelic downbeat to dark techno, it passes by deep house and dub, tipping it’s hat.

fabrizio lapiana – process part 268 by modyfier

01. Borngräber & Strüver– In G Part II – M=Minimal
02. Bubble Club – The Goddess (Quiet Village Remix) – International Feel
03. Stereociti – Cosmoride – Mojuba
04.Prositune – Justfixit – Just Another Beat
05. Marco M. Bernd – Palas Dub – Ehrenfels
06. Audion – Push – Spectral
07. Echonomist – Isoloation – 3rd Wave
08. Unknown – A1 – The Secret Initiative II
09. Efdemin – There Will be Singing (DJ Koze Remix) – Dial
10. Morphosis – Spiral – Delsin/Mos
11. Function – Variance 1 – Sandwell District
12. Fabrizio Lapiana – Unusual Dynamics – Attic Music
13. Mike Parker – Compressor Blades – Aquaplano

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