cassegrain – process part 267


We put this mix together with new music that we find interesting and exciting. We tried to find a balance between both the club and the home listening experiences. It ranges from abstract to more conventional club tracks, weaving back and forth between strict 4/4 and looser breaks.

To describe the sound that captures this mix, the music that inspires us and the music we make, we preferred to list just some words: merge, texture, mass, light, melancholic, hypnotic, hope, dark, cavernous, doom.

Thanks to all the artists involved.

cassegrain – process part 267 by modyfier

01. Autechre – See On See – Warp
02. Szare – Action Five – Idle Hands
03. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Drop 4 – Prologue
04. Cassegrain – Painter of Modern Life (Ed Davenport’s Urgency mix) – TBA
05. Cassegrain – Lopnor – Prologue
06. Dadub – Metropolis – Stroboscopic Artefacts
07. Anstam – Carmichael – 50 Weapons
08. Surgeon – Transparent Radiation – Dynamic Tension
09. Perc – Gonkle – Perc Trax
10. Donato Dozzy – In Bed – Absurd Recordings
11. Planetary Assault Systems – Sucktion – Mote Evolver
12. Cassegrain – Olbia (Giorgio Gigli remix) – TBA
13. Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Rise) – Raster Noton
14. Polygon Window – Untitled (Perc edit) – N/A
15. Cassegrain – Luban – Prologue
16. Tin Man – Nonneo (Donato Dozzy remix) – Absurd Recordings
17. Autechre – Paralel Sounds – Warp

One comment on “cassegrain – process part 267”

  1. This is just brilliant and def found that balance between home listening and club. Just check that track listing !
    Absolutely lovin’ this.

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