a strangely isolated place – process part 262


This is some of the most simple, yet interesting, evocative and at the same time, complex music I have had the pleasure of listening to over the years. When perfected, ambient music can take you where ever you want to go, transport you from madness to bliss. The greatest producers have found influences from experiences and surroundings, then channeled it for us lucky people to reflect upon and experience in our own way.

Most of the artist’s featured are personal favourites who I spend hours and hours listening to, wondering what, where and when helped conjure up such aural bliss. A Mojave desert, a British summer, an airport, a New Zealand fjord or a damp studio in South East London. Whatever fueled this music doesn’t matter, where we escape to when listening is the only importance.

Big thank you to Rayna for giving me the opportunity to put this mix together.

a strangely isolated place (ryan griffin) – process part 262 by modyfier

01. Stellardrone – Forever
02. Altus – Sodium Glow
03. 36 – Inside
04. Markus Guentner – Express Yourself
05. Klimt – Pozegnanie
06. Kontakte – A Snowflake In Her Hand
07. Emphemetry – A Lullaby Hum
08. Thomas Fehlmann – Titan
09. Rhian Sheehan – Part 4
10. Ourson – 237
11. Koss – 1978to2008
12. Loscil – Erit
13. Negative Neutron – Trantor
14. bvdub – A Quiet Doorway Awaits
15. Geotic – We’re Gods On Miles Of Clouds
16. Biosphere – As The Sun Kissed The Horizon

8 comments on “a strangely isolated place – process part 262”

  1. That 36 track is stunning – haven’t come across his work before, thank you for the introduction…

  2. This mix is the perfect distillation from one of the best blogs out there. Always brimming with gorgeous often very emotive music, new artist discoveries and those more tried and true. How Ryan was able to filter just 16 selections from that very full ocean, is beyond me, but 16 beauties they are. We win !
    Big thanks to Ryan / ASIP and Rayna.

  3. Thanks guys, really appreciate the comments – and of course thank you Modyfier!!

  4. Epic, as usual.

  5. love all around!

  6. […] Download, or see the original post on Modyfier […]

  7. a fantastic selection expertly curated and blended from one of the best emerging tastemakers out there. Thanks Ryan and thanks Rayna…. x

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