tom dicicco – process part 260


First of all, big thanks to Rayna for giving me the opportunity to contribute to Modyfier. The musical process I find involves a lot of inspiration from many different areas which are all completely different. It can be anything from taking my mountain bike out to going to the cinema. In terms of music as inspiration, I get most of it from Dub Reggae. My dad has always been a massive enthusiast of Jamaican music and culture and from as far back as I can remember, I was always hearing Tubby, Perry and Mad Professor on the home stereo and in the car.

The first thing that strikes me about the music is the overall aesthetic and mood it creates. Wound into a single track, I hear struggle, tension, happiness, insecurity, madness, love and peace. No doubt, the experiences that many reggae artists from Jamaica went through instilled these kinds of qualities into their sound. The beauty of the music for me is the way it is portrayed through the use of heavy effects, or as King Tubby describes it, “jus’ like a volcano in yuh head.” No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I will always find inspiration. Everyone I know perceives dub reggae music as happy music for when the sun shines. Music to move your body!

These effects now play a massive part in my own music today. I’ve never made a track without sending signals to some spring reverb or tape delay and I can’t imagine doing anything different because for me, it would take away a process of my production that couldn’t be replaced. I have always wanted to create my own dub project – working on my own original tracks using 100 percent hardware. Everything is in place, now I just need to save and buy the hardware!

Here’s a track I wrote with a good friend of mine – Zebby – who is part of The Mystic Crew. While it’s not necessarily a pure dub track, it does have a lot of influence from the early tracks I listened to. I hope you enjoy it, “jus’ like a volcano in yuh head.”

tom dicicco feat. zebby – process part 260 (reconstruction to deconstruct) by modyfier

One comment on “tom dicicco – process part 260”

  1. Was your father Tom Diciccio from Girard who played in bands in SE Kansas with Frank Stevenson?

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