dave twomey – process part 251



I think this 2 hours of music is probably about as honest a mix as I have ever made. I hope you enjoy what is for me, definitely somewhat of an indulgence, especially in the final (in parts unmixed) phase, ‘Penumbra’. I’ve been reading a lot about healing recently. I came across a reiki symbol as I was starting to think about this set, which seemed to fit perfectly. The hon-sha-ze-sho-nen means both ”distant healing” and ”past, present, future”. The former fits perfectly with my current situation, having moved back to the UK, for treatment of a serious illness, from my home of 8 years in Tokyo. This mix is dedicated to my friends around the world constantly sending me positive energy and giving me hope. The ‘past present future’ part fits perfectly with my starting idea to try to create a mix that represents exactly that – my past, present and future – and gels with the Dawn (past), Haze (present) and Penumbra (future) idea for the title and structure of the mix, though these do interlink and cross pollinate at times (as in life). Accordingly, the first part has a melancholy and sentimentality to it – mellow and spacey, part 2 a tribality and earthiness – things I am fascinated by and aspiring to in efforts to beat my illness respectively – and part 3 a hope for health and contentment in the future with a strong reminder to never forget the journey.

Konono No 1.
Olduvai stone chopping tool Tanzania 1.8-2 million years old.


I have always felt pangs of envy reading interviews with artists – granted they are usually 35 plus – with their ‘I listened to Joy Division when I was growing up … heavily influenced by Kraftwerk … spent my teens at famous nightclub X in 1988 … Dad listened to Pink Floyd etc etc’ … well… that isn’t me thats for sure, as much as I might wish I had been exposed to such artists growing up. 31 years old now I wasn’t exposed to electronic music until around 1992, Snap ‘Rhythm is a Dancer‘ on Top of the Pops was the first big jolt. To me its speed was utterly insane…

Hardly techno pedigree is it. Anyway, from that point on I was utterly hooked & spent my teens making terrible mixtapes from the radio – stop start mish mashes of pop & commercial dance. I am so glad none of them survived. I didn’t know anyone who collected records or went to clubs so for me it was Technotronic, The Shaman, even 2 Unlimited (!!!) who started the ball rolling for me. That’s it.

The only music I remember as a kid was played by my stepmother when we lived in Berlin – this is back in 1984 it must have been – who had Stevie Wonder ‘I just Called to say I Love You’ on vinyl. She played it every day back to back for weeks I swear (it is a great record but still…) until one day ”ah jus called to say I loooove you” became ”ah jus called… ah jus called…ah just called” and so it went on, the needle stuck in the groove from over-playing … I like to think that was when I fell in love with techno and its repetitive strains.

I didn’t even see a pair of turntables until 1996, when I started going to clubs, down in Portsmouth so we are talking Jeremy Healy and other House Collection-era DJ’s, though it was Tony De Vit who really took it to the next level for me one night in 1996, under age by 2 years still out with a friends older brother and his crew. An hour into his set of dancing like an idiot, looking nowhere but frontwards I suddenly realised I was surrounded by lovely girls but I hadn’t even noticed. For the first time ever the music took over my day in day out efforts seemingly only to get into girls knickers! Ironic as the change came courtesy of a gay icon like Tony de Vit. If I remember correctly he sadly passed away the following same year. He was a big inspiration none the less… what a DJ.


DJ Pierre – That Acid Track.
Technotronic – Body to Body.
Photec – Glamourama.
Astral Projection – Mahadeva.
Slam – Positive Education / In-Ten-Cities.

So, this mix is music that connects and inspires I hope – not just to be creative yourself but to actually do something about the change you wish to see in the world. Otherwise what is the point really. A new phase in collective consciousness (so say the Mayans) where people actually care about each other and not just themselves sure would be nice … bring on 2012 & more outdoor parties in tune with nature not destroying it.

dave twomey – process part 251 (dawn – haze – penumbra) by modyfier

01. Alva Noto – Anthem Berlin
02. Demdike Stare – Eurydice
03. High Skies – The Shape of Things To Come
04. Lawrence – Sunrise
05. Birdcage – Somewhere Far Beyond
06. Mia Doitan – Unknown (Dublab live)
07. Gas – Microscopic
08. Maximillian Dunbar – Bells Dream Dub Bonus
09. Claudio Fabrianesi & Donato Dozzy – Disco Infecta
10. Fluxion – Pendulous
11. Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Vorhaus
12. P. Laoss – Triplandenia
13. Geiom & Appleblim – Reminissin (Shackleton refix)
14. Forever & Delayed – Tenminutesandthirtyeightseconds
15. Commix – Change (A Made Up Sound Remix)
16. Claro Intelecto – Back In The Day
17. Shackleton Vs Konomi 1
18. Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II/II
19. MSF aka Donnacha Costello – Signification
20. Jacopo Carreras – 4temp4
21. Donato Dozzy – Gol
22. Orbital – On & On Halycon
23. Akufen – Skidoos
24. Aphex Twin – Rhubarb (Johnny’s Acoustic Reverb mix)
** Plus a couple of field recordings from Deal Hospital & Sensujima island

Time to Express 014 Tr nch & Iori / Van Hoesen & Dozzy

2 comments on “dave twomey – process part 251”

  1. Fantastic track list, beautifully and thoughtfully put together. The whole mix is quite majestic but the “dawn’ commencement is a stunner.
    Wonderful also to see some Akufen in there; Crying shame we don’t see more from him.
    Thanks for the music.

  2. Great set list Dave, Alvo Noto and Gas are always interesting.
    Enjoyed reading about the process too, nice.

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