rss disco – process part 245


Sharing a passion in playing pitched down house records, we got together as RSS Disco without any intention in forming something lasting. It was three friends who got invited to casually play the same party and discovered that doing so as a three-piece was fun and exciting.

Looking back, I think a special feeling that developed to a lasting bond was there that very first night since we experienced two factors that still affect us today: communication & time. Communicating with each other, since we are three Djs sharing and developing an idea of a certain sound or rather atmosphere. Although it was easy to find common grounds initially, agreeing on niche-details can be hard, even if you’d expect it the other way around. Instant feedback among friends while playing in front of an audience can be harsh as well, but it teaches valuable lessons. Since our set is normally slowing down the tempo of the house/techno parties we frequent, there is also a different communication with the audience. Tracks take their time, suddenly there are breathing spaces between kick drums and meandering melody lines. Sonically, it’s a quite a change as well: Waveforms are stretched out and hopefully bend the perception of time in the room.

We enjoy journeying through long sets, so recording a mix is always a daunting task for us. Just how exactly to condense the communication and sprawling? Since we do not only play outdoors (and preferably at sunrise), like we promised ourselves in the beginning, any more but also play dark clubs, we started to learn focusing that energy.

The idea we had for this mix reflects this development: We noticed that a lot of tracks we liked to play over the last years contain classic raw elements of electronic dance music that have been introduced by the sounds of the self-oscillating Roland TB-303. A sound known as Acid. Superimposed with warm, melodic house and disco sounds, the mix is a collection of a cozy little niche-genre.

This mix contains our first-ever recorded song (crafted together with our friends Sugarwater) and an edit of a track we wanted to include but that did originally not include acid-fragments.
Enjoy listening & hope to see you soon. Dancing.

Falk (Dec. 2010)

rss disco – process part 245 (acid disco) by modyfier

One comment on “rss disco – process part 245”

  1. acid mix of perfection.. look forward to hearing more, x

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