m50 – process part 242


I have to confess, I feel a bit apprehensive trying to describe my creative process.

To proceed, I suppose I could begin with a pre-conceived notion of where I’m headed, and then attempt to beat a path towards that destination. Conversely, I could enter, discern a path and then follow it devoutly to the end it seems to demand.

Maybe these are just sides of the same coin. A competition between identity and location, between who I am and where I am.

Where I am: the feeling of that moment, the emotion, the sensation; the feedback from those around me; the direction my sound or texture or colour or key suggests. This seems to me to be the path that pulls me along.

Who I am: my notion of what I am trying to create or emulate or discover; the reaction I strive to evoke in myself, in others; my message, my habit, my ability. This is the part that pushes me to search for a path, or to cut one anew. These are all imaginary, invisible forces. In reality, I try to create something out of the sounds I have assembled, try to muster some meaningful expression in the moment with the vocabulary and tools and ingredients I have.

My experience is that of discovering the path in the same motion as I set out upon it. While I find my way, I hope that the moments that don’t work serve to elevate the moments that do.

m50 – process part 242 by modyfier

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