carlo – process part 238


Everything started around two years ago when I decided to leave Málaga, my home town, and moved to London.

I had in my mind to make a few tracks deeper and softer than I usually do. This track was the first of a series in this vein.

The feeling came from my first day in London: I woke up early to a beautiful red dawn. It was quite curious and, for a moment, I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if it was real. I focused on this feeling when I started the track.

Putting the soul of that day into this track gave it its name, red (grey) day. Grey because most of the days I’ve spent in London are quite sad. I tried to reflect on the thin line between dreams and the real world. All these new feelings mixed inside me and came out in a slow BPM, a deep bass and lots of strings. The structure is like that day: a red morning, a quiet evening and a crazy night.

I feel like vocals are often too explicit, so I play them in reverse and no one can understand what I say. For me, there is no other language, just music.

carlo – process part 238 (red (grey) day) by modyfier

‘Red (Grey) Day’ was recently included on Multi Vitamins MVD28.

3 comments on “carlo – process part 238”

  1. Nice words, nice music. Both languages I can understand!

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