ghosts on tape – process part 236


I made this mix about 6 months ago and it’s finally surfacing just now. These things happen. If I were to do this mix again today, it would contain completely different tracks. It’s interesting though, because rather than just focusing on the inclusion of dubs and unreleased tracks, the delay has given me a new perspective on this mix and has forced me to focus on the quality of the music alone (although there are still plenty of unreleased and exclusive jams here). To me, this mix is an entire club night, distilled into one hour. We start slow with the vaguely creepy and exotic vibes of P-Fang, onto the cavernous techno of Claro Intellecto, work our way up to the UK funky-ish styles of Martin Kemp and L-VIS 1990 and the shuffling cartoon-y rave vibes of tribal guarachero, ending up at the ghetto house and grime sounds that round out the mix. There is an arc. We are going somewhere.

ghosts on tape – process part 236 by modyfier

01. P-Fang- ‘Mirage’
02. ???- ‘Snakes Cave’
03. Claro Intellecto- ‘New Life’
04. Reade Truth- ‘Let’s Go To New York Instead (Brennan Green version)
05. Deepchild- ‘Daylight’
06. Martin Kemp- ‘Terr’
07. L-VIS 1990- ‘Forrest Riddum’
08. Zander Hardy- ‘Attack’
09. Subeena- ‘Wishful Talk (Ghosts On Tape Remix)’
10. Big Dope P- ‘Kazfara Juke (Dubbel Dutch VIP Demo version)’
11. Roska- ‘Squark (Tribal Guarachero Mix)’
12. Ghosts On Tape- ‘Equator Jam (Canblaster Tribal Mix)’
13. DJ Tetris- ‘???’
14. DJ Cuca- ‘El Canto’
15. Girl Unit- ‘IRL (French Fries Remix)’
16. Cajmere/Chief Boima- ‘Percolator Decale’
17. DJ Hyperactive- ‘Reptilian Tank’
18. DJ Deeon- ‘Work This MF’
19. SRC- ‘Lemsip’
20. Kavsrave- ‘Baggage Handler’

2 comments on “ghosts on tape – process part 236”

  1. we are going somewhere indeed.

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