iori – process part 234


First of all, I would like to thank Rayna for giving me this great opportunity. This mix is put together from my recent favorite tracks of 12 inch Vinyl with a Urei 1620 music mixer. It represents my recent style – deep, spacy and mystic. Also, I wove in some memories of Cio D’Or.

Thanks, again. I’m really honored to be part of the Process Series.

iori – process part 234 by modyfier

01. Nuel / Aquapalano Ltd 01 / A2
02. Horizontal Ground 02
03. Donato Dozzy / Time Out The Gap
04. Function vs. Jerome Sydenham
05. Forward Strategy Groupe / Applied Generics
06. Marcel Dettmann / Silex
07. Peter Van Hoesen / Terminal
08. Donor / Truss / Abbott (Mike Parker Remix)
09. Sandwell District Sampler Two / Silent Servant
10. Function / Burn
11. Jeff Mills / Something In The Sky 001 A1
12. Gowentgone / M.A.M. (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
13. Sandwell District Sampler One / AA Function
14. G-man / The Way You Move
15. Cio D’Or / Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Remix)
16. Sandwell District / Female Live Extract

2 comments on “iori – process part 234”

  1. Thanks for this guys, it's incredible!

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