i.d. – process part 226


I.D is the production alias of DJ Tomas, formerly Dub I.D. I dropped the “dub” from my pseudonym because there are a number of other artists using a similar prefix. Dub remains a central influence as well as supreme listening pleasure. That will not change. The premise for this mix: DJ mixes are too long. Specifically, my DJ mixes are too long. I tend to get overambitious and make mixes containing 20 or 30 songs; 90 minute sessions that most people don’t have time to digest or listen to in one setting. Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing I enjoy more than marathon club sets. Two to four hours is my preference. But for this mix I’ve tried to rein it in a little. This set came out to be a few seconds shy of one hour. I’ve still got some work to do. My selection focuses on the melodic and ethereal (meaning less wobbly) side of dubstep. The past three years have seen great fusions of techno, IDM and dubstep elements that make genre distinctions blurry. Some of the best music lies in these “in-between” areas. That’s where my I.D. is too – simultaneously between genres, scenes and songs.

i.d. – process part 226 by modyfier

01. George FitzGerald – Weakness
02. Jus Wan – Azure
03. Scuba – Aesaunic
04. Late – Bittersweet
05. Low Density Matter – Blue Steel
06. Kontext – Aeromonarch Attacks
07. Sepalcure –Love Pressure
08. Elemental – DeepChord
09. Reso – Hemisphere
10. Breakage – Open Up
11. Beat Pharmacy – Nuclear Race Appleblim mix
12. Dhyan Moller – Lost In 3s (DJG Remix)
13. Daega Sound System – SOS (Original Mix)
14. Arthur Oskan – Eggshells_XI Remix
15. F – Spacewalker
16. Instra:Mental – Tramma
17. DFRNT– Tripped (Synkro remix)

One comment on “i.d. – process part 226”

  1. Another DJ/producer I.D. (www.soundcloud.com/i-d) contacted me and pointed out that 11 artists using that alias are listed on Discogs. Against those numbers I am reconsidering the name change. So for now it'll remain Dub I.D., with another change imminent. – DJ Tomas / Double Identity / Dub I.D.

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