nax acid – process part 223


The Abstract Archetype is a philosophical speech without words. Introspection and emotions are the key elements of a stream that flows and modulates from one concept to another. Melodies are not the only way of creating emotions and sensations. It is the very atmosphere that creates them. If you allow yourself to sink in and be caught by it, you can be taken deep beyond your conscious mind. Music is a way to distance oneself from a world trapped in a rigid rationality.

Present and Future are just moments of our life. We live in the present and living each present moment, by our choices, we create the future, new moments to be lived in the present. So is the music. We listen to it in the present with anticipation: we never know how and what is going to change in the future, only the composer does.

The mix comes from my music collection. Unfortunately, not all the tracks were on vinyl because they were from my collection of electro acoustic music I studied when I was a student of Sonic Arts at Middlesex University. It represents part of my evolution from the past to the present which, like a philosophical speech, flows following an abstract thread of thoughts.

nax acid – process part 223 (abstract archetype) by modyfier

2 comments on “nax acid – process part 223”

  1. What a magnificent piece of work. The sense for justice is palpable!

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