santiago salazar – process part 221


Imagine: You are out on a Monday night in the infamous Rampart District of downtown LA. You walk into a black building off Lafayette Park Place and Beverly Blvd. This 6-story black building has no name and all you can hear as you enter is a muffled sound of steady four-on-the-floor beats pounding. You walk to the door and hand five dollars to a short heavy-set guy named Mack. As you enter, you notice a single red light over the bar and a blue light coming from the dance floor. You smell a mixture of cigarettes, Pine Sol and old plumbing, but you don’t care, because your sole purpose of being here is to dance until 6am on a Monday night. Maybe you buy a Snapple w/Triple Sec or a Rum and Coke at the bar and head towards the dance floor. A tall Latino wearing sun glasses and a velvet suit is doing a cat-walk dance back and forth like it is his own personal runway. You find a dark corner to do your own shadow dancing to the deep house vibes laced with techno and everything else in between the DJ is pumping. “Is this the Twilight Zone?” you may ask. But no, it’s the Beverly Room – a little place I called home in 1994-1995.

santiago salazar – process part 221 by modyfier

01. Big Strick – Whatup Doe! – FXHE
02. Jus-Ed – Jusnotic – Underground Quality
03. DJ Qu – Secret Place – Strength Music
04. Andy Vaz – The “Y” Theme – Yore
05. Hakim Murphy – Micro303 – Syapsis Records
06. A.O.S. – Ultra Fine One – AOS
07. Hakim Murphy – Rebcubx – Machine Dreams
08. Disco Nihilist – Leaving Bull Creek – Construction Paper
09. Silent Servant – La Noche – Historia y Violencia
10. Function vs Sydenham – White Light – Ibadan Records
11. Delta Funktionen – Silhouette(m.dettman rmx) – Delsin
12. DVS1 – Polyphonic Love – Transmat
13. Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – Berlin-Karlsruhe Express(live version) – Innervisions
14. Roberto Bosco – Biosphere – Minimalsoul Recordings
15. Psyche – Crackdown – Transmat

2 comments on “santiago salazar – process part 221”

  1. Such places are (too) rare these days…

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