cassegrain – process part 215


Cassegrain is a project started by Evirgen and myself (Tsiridis) at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona 2008.

I’ve always been inspired by dark sounds. Initially, pretty much anything by Warp, leading on to techno, eventually (with many guitar bands in between). I’m a big fan of warm, deep house music as well but I think it’s more from a punter/listener’s perspective. The stuff that gets me more excited as a producer is usually a bit darker.

Evirgen and I had common tastes. After listening to each others stuff, we discussed different things we might like to make, sat down and started working on some loops. ‘Cotton’ came about quite organically. I think the way we made it comes across when listening to it. It starts off pretty basic and builds up along the way while more and more sounds are added and taken away. We did it in several live takes, adding and removing loops and sounds and editing effects.

What came out is a deep, dark techno track with a dubsteppy intro/outro. We asked Benga to record some vocals, not something he’s known for but we thought that it’d be fun. The initial idea was to have an ironic comment from Benga at the end of the dubstep intro: “This is not dubstep”. We weren’t so keen on the labeling idea afterwards and opted for a more subtle direction. The track has been through so many versions now as far as the vocals are concerned. I recently thought that perhaps we would have made a straighter techno track if it wasn’t for the Academy’s influence? There were very few techno orientated people there that time round so we had hip hop and dubstep around us constantly (not complaining :)!).

cassegrain – process part 215a (cotton (original)) by modyfier

‘Olbia’ is a straighter club track that I started whilst away for a gig in Olbia, Sardinia. This was made with Berghain fully in mind. I enjoy contrasts a lot when it comes to making music. I was in sunny Sardinia at the end of June sitting on a balcony making gritty warehouse techno. It sort of has an opposite effect or influence – at the moment I’m in Greece with 35º but everything coming out is more suited to about 35º less.

cassegrain – process part 215b (olbia & olbia stripclub edit ‘the elements’) by modyfier

The 12″ is out on Mikrowave and to continue the ‘Elements’ series started by Kevin Gorman last year, we’re offering parts of ‘Olbia’ and ‘Olibia Stripclub Edit’. More information about the EP can be found at Boomkat, Hardwax or Beatport.

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