fabrizio lapiana – process part 214


This mix was recorded alone (except for a glass of red wine) in my home studio with 100% vinyl on a warm afternoon in June.

Making a mix without direct contact to people (which is a source of great energy for me during my gigs) was really not easy. On the flip side, without the dance floor, I could create a very deep and mental mix that doesn’t reach higher rhythms until the last part of the mix.

This podcast represents my love for deep sounds, from house to techno, without any borders. I hope you’ll enjoy.

fabrizio lapiana – process part 214 by modyfier

01. Joey Anderson – Dive Deep – Strength Music
02. Claudio Fabrianesi & Donato Dozzy – Fade Out – Mule Electronic
03. Darragh Casey – Xuri – Antiqua Recordings
04. Tob Jona – Metro 501 – Artless
05. Redshape – Blood Into Dust – Styrax Leaves
06. Jakob Corn – Mirrorflip – Dolly
07. Patrice Scott – Distance Against Time – Sistrum
08. Till Von Sein & Tigerskin – Polio – Morris Audio
09. Culoe De Song – The Bright Forest – Innervisions
10. Jerome Sydenham – Black Ice – Apotek
11. The Reminder – Coffee First – Etiku Records
12. Fabrizio Lapiana – Not For Kids – Attic Music
13. Marcel Dettmann – Captivate – Ostgut Ton
14. Alan Fitzpatrick – Face of Rejection – Drumcode

3 comments on “fabrizio lapiana – process part 214”

  1. some great tracks – especially 4-6. the redshape track particularly is a monster.

  2. very nice mix, thank you for keeping it deep 🙂

  3. […] Modyfier’s Process Series for the second time – big thanks to Rayna for this. As with the first, this is a 100% vinyl mix, recorded in my studio. It’s 70 minutes and represents many of the […]

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