sawf – process part 206


In this mix Sawf tried to combine seemingly disparate tracks from different genres like Industrial, House, Breaks etc. By ‘combine’, he doesn’t mean it in the classic way of mash-ups, like going from soft beats at the start of the set and ending in a hard way. Rather, using four decks on Traktor, he really layers these separate genres after exhaustively equing and filtering them. He always wondered why people use four decks to mix four techno tracks or four house tracks. It’s boring to him as a DJ as there’s no real challenge in mixing tracks in the same genre since the beatmatch is automated. Sawf has no boundaries . He creates in a world where edges don’t exist. Trusting in his intuition, his ideas eventually loop back around and come out in his music with greater range and depth. While techno is in the main structure of this mix, you also get a million things coming in and out as they pass by each other and create new contexts.

sawf – process part 206 by modyfier

01. Ripperton & Agnes – Zeitgeist (tool edit) [Num Records]
02. Milton Bradley – The Unheard Voice From Outer Space [Prologue]
03. Sawf – Vafla [N/A]
04. Oskar Offermann – Only My Shorts [White]
05. Sawf – Slim [Perc Trax]
06. Aaron Carl – Down Revisited [Wallshaker Music]
07. Sawf – Okladon [N/A]
08. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Got It [Prime Numbers]
09. Sven Wittekind – Sucker Fuck U Too [Abstract]
10. tINI – That’s Right [Desolat]
11. Sawf – Body (Dub) [Perc Trax]
12. Moodymann – Dem Young Sconies [Planet E]
13. Martin Buttrich – Back It Up [Desolat]
14. Dollkraut – Loot [Doppelschall]
15. Ben Klock – Viscoplastic [Deeply Rooted House]
16. Ancient Methods – The Whip [RSB]
17. Martyn ft. Spaceape – Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix) [3024]
18. Dj Slugo – Taris Sleeps Wild [Dance Mania]
19. QX-1 – Work That Motherfucker (Sawf Dubapella) [N/A]
20. Sawf – La Kouva [Perc Trax]
21. Perc – Benwell (Sawf Remix) [Perc Trax]
22. British Murder Boys – All The Saints Have Been Hung [Counterbalance]
23. Blackpocket – Ure A Sta (Martyn Remix) [Fat City]
24. Jeroen Liebregts – Hunter / Grazer (Sinecure Remix) [Audio Assault]
25. Dj Godfather/Starski – On Da Flo [Twillight 76]

3 comments on “sawf – process part 206”

  1. Great mix from Sawf. He has a unique sound. More from him soon I think. Thanks to Rayna as well.

  2. This is quite exceptional. Genius !Top marks and this will be on high repeat. Big thanks to Sawf and Modyfier.

  3. this is is really really great. full bass meal. thanks sawf

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