fred p (black jazz consortium) – process part 205


Rather than plan out a set like I often do, this time I just picked tracks out of a pile: some new, some unreleased and some that I have been playing out. No thought process. I just let go and, in one take, this mix is the result. It’s not perfect (although I don’t think that is the point). It’s more about discovering the possibilities. There is something artful about it and yet still playful at the same time. I enjoyed this exercise in that it allowed me to not program – just play and see what happens. This reminds me of the early days in the 90’s in the basement jamming: no program, no process. I hope the listeners will enjoy what is being presented and shared here.

fred p (aka black jazz consortium) – process part 205 (from the q to you) by modyfier

01. DJ Spider – Nang Yerk (Feat: Venus 7) – Plan B Recording
02. DJ QU – Secrect Place – Strength Music Recordings
03. Analog Diaries – Sketch 9 – CDR
04. Patrice Scott – Eclipse – Sistrum Recordings
05. DJ Auqa Beat (AQBT) – 11 – CDR
06. Adultnapper – Monitor – Lion1Music
07. DJ Jus Ed – Listening In – Underground Quality
08. Move D – Aspiration 2010 – Soul People Music
09. Joey Anderson – Untitled – CDR
10. DJ QU – Circuit – Strength Music Recordings
11. ?
12. Black Jazz Consortium – The Om – Soul People Music

3 comments on “fred p (black jazz consortium) – process part 205”

  1. Modyfier ? Excellent ! Thanks for the good sound =)

  2. fred p…deep as a mofo [as always]…

  3. I love that Fred P drops Farben in lots of his sets. Great taste!

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