giorgio gigli – process part 203


From my private collection of 12inch, 10inch and 7inch vinyl, this set represents an introspective path of emotions, thoughts and untold words. In the same way as you read a book, every track represents a chapter and every vinyl groove is like the ink path of a pen writing a story onto blank pages. This set represents my history and roots. In 120 minutes, I tried to tell you what I was, what I am and what I might have been in a future that doesn’t exist anymore.

Once upon a time…the future. Has been realized using vinyl with 3 technics sl-1200mkII and ortofon concorde pro cartridges, 2 disc stabilizers and an allen&heat xone series mixer. For a more realistic listening, please play this mix at low volume (headphone listening recommended).

Special Thanks To Our Loved Ones (we still try).

giorgio gigli – process part 203 (once upon a time…the future) by modyfier

4 comments on “giorgio gigli – process part 203”

  1. this is what i call soul masterpiece. this mix is so special and emotional. i'm feeling it.thank you, Gigli. you made something really beautiful. i'm thrilled.

  2. This is very, very beautiful. Easily the most atmospheric 'ambient' mix I've heard in a long time. Thank you.

  3. I feel like a voyeur listening to this, it's so personal. A very special mix to enjoy flat on your back and to let go & drift between planets and spaces. Lovely stuff. Thank you Mr Gigli

  4. really really exceptional stuff this…any chance of a tracklist?

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