fader – process part 196


First of all, it’s an honour to be here (take a look at the impressive list of constributers). When I was invited to participate in the Process Series, I did ask myself, “What should I do?” I’m a DJ, but I consider myself a collector even more. This allows my tastes to go further than what I get to play, most of the time, in front of a dancing crowd. I was confident that I could do whatever style I wanted to here on Modyfier. This made the answer to the question of, “What should I do?” even more difficult.

It’s been a long time since I recorded a Dubstep set and longer than that since I recorded an IDM set. I also realized I had never attempted a Cosmic/Balearic set before even though I collect all this stuff. Yet in the end, in the moment I made this recording, I felt most like playing some Dubby Techno. This is, by the way, the first set I have ever recorded in the morning. Not at an afterparty, but on a Wednesday morning, before going to work. I couldn’t sleep anymore anyway, so I decided to attack the day (and my sleeping neighbours?) with some dubbed out beats.

This mix was recorded with 2 Technics turntables, my (t)rusty old Rodec mixer and a bunch of vinyl. There’s no big story behind the track selection, just all tracks that I love. I think I could easily do a twenty hour mix of only dub techno, so of course this mix does not intend to be any ‘definitive collection’, just the tracks of the moment…I hope you enjoy it.

fader – process part 196 by modyfier

01. Round Three – Acting Crazy
02. Mikkel Metal – Kenton
03. Marko Furstenberg – Repentance
04. cv313 – Sailing Stars
05. Alex Attias – Brazilika
06. Sven Weisemann – Shove
07. David Hausdorf – Untitled
08. Havantepe – Air
09. XDB – F.E.B.
10. Bvdub – A Quiet Vengeance
11. AM/PM – Maratea
12. Quantec – Chain Data
13. Luke Hess – Transform (Marko Furstenberg Remix)
14. Deadbeat & Fenin – Teach the Devil’s Son

6 comments on “fader – process part 196”

  1. nice one !!!some of my favourite dubby tunes from the moment in the mix 🙂

  2. glorious track selction enjoyed it alot

  3. Dave you are spot on there. It's on high repeat ! Thanks to Mr Fader.

  4. Download seems to be broken. Tried it few times but stops at 47mb.Hope you can fix it!

  5. […] first Modyfier contribution – Process Part 196 – can be found here. It’s definitely worth a listen in tandem to this one. 01. Koi – Deaf Torero 02. […]

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