inanna – process part 194


O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

This mix was an idea I had, a means to express, and to investigate my own feelings, and the feelings of others through music.

A male created counterpart was intended in the original concept, but who is to say he will ever finish his mix, or name it Juliet. His stories, as well as my own motivated and inspired the creation of this mix. He also partnered with me on the remix of An On Bast’s ‘Upon The Dew Drops’ featured in the mix.

Each track was chosen for a specific reason, to convey a certain feeling, or tell a story, and they were chosen for the words, the sounds, and the titles. My intention was to express the feelings I’ve had through music, as they relate to love, relationship, friendship, and romance. I wanted to explore the diverse palette of human emotions felt in the experience of interaction.

The first track on the mix is entitled ‘Why’. The moment I heard the track I knew I would introduce the mix with it. It had a deep sound that pulled at me, and it asked the question I think we all ask, at one time or another. One I have asked myself many times, especially recently. What is the answer, if one even exists for us? Can we just make it up ourselves, or do we rely on something deeper, an unseen source to provide it?

I consciously create my mixes, I always have a story I want to tell with them. I make mixes to work out my own inner turmoils, knowings, and secrets. It is a selfish act, with an unselfish aspect; that I hope it brings people some joy, peace, satisfaction, and that is causes them to feel, to understand, to expand. Music is felt. It relates to something in us, that isn’t as commonplace (vision isn’t really commonplace) as our everyday visual experience, which is one we often don’t have much control over. Music is intended emotion.

As a multi-genre kind of women, Dubstep was calling. Coming from a 2-Step and Garage background, it was about time I made a Dubstep mix. A genre Iv worked with before in production, but have never made a mix of. If there is any message, let it be to be conscious, to be careful with each other. To realize the impact your words and actions have on others, because all of us, no matter how little we think of it, impact those people we come into contact with. Observe the shadows, and the light you leave behind.

inanna – process part 194 (romeo) by modyfier

01. Why – Original Mix – Myrkur
02. Lost For Words – Synkro
03. My Own World – Synkro
04. Upon The Dew Drops – An On Bast – Inanna and Chris Ward Remix
05. Cosmo – J:Kenzo
06. Closer – A Made Up Sound
07. Separation – Spherix, Sigha
08. Milk – Dub & Run
09. Cocaine – Afghan Headspin – Gella’s Drifting mix
10. Fading – Indigo
11. Relapse – Shortstuff
12. I Need to Know – Radian
13. Reminissin’ – Geiomix – Geiom
14. Reasonz – DJ Madd
15. Glazed – Brackles
16. Heartbreaker – Deadboy
17. Nouvelle Histoire – Von D
18. Watching You – Instra:mental

2 comments on “inanna – process part 194”

  1. Probably the best mix of 2010. This one touch me so deep from the first second… Thanks a lot Inanna."it asked the question I think we all ask, at one time or another."

  2. thank you..even though 2010 still has a long way to go. 🙂 im very happy you enjoyed it so much. for more.. there is a techno one on here 059 I think I also did.

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