douglas greed – process part 193


When I record a set I usually just let it roll (or at least I try to). It can be hard to find a way to admit to myself that that I´m all alone at home and it ain´t a club…no matter how many shots I drink or how loud I put the speakers on or how fast my neighbour switches the room lights on and off pretending to be a living strobe.

So, as always, I start 10 – 17 times and then just promise myself that tomorrow will be a better day. It´s quiet strange how much different it is for me (and for most of the dj´s I know) to record a set at home. Everyone complains, “the atmosphere is missing.” I try to get around this by putting a digital-picture-frame in front of where I dj showing drunken people dancing. In an attempt to make the atmosphere perfect, I ask friends to come around frequently and ask stupid question while I mix like:

“Hey , can you play something faster?”
“Hey dude, I like your style but can you please play something nice??”
“Can you play this tune where that guys always says – hmmm. hmm, dup, di , sharam dam dam???”

But, unfortunately, even this doesn’t help me to find the right mood. Instead, I decide to do something that I don’t often do: make a digital mix with a bunch of tunes that I just really love and don´t have the chance to play at parties, at least not very often. As a result, this is not a regular dj mix for me, but more of an influences mix. It’s a journey from electronica to indie rock and features tracks that have given me some amazing moments, which are part of the reason why I do music at all. The kind of moments where all your senses seem to be lost in someone else’s mind and you get the chills and can´t help yourself to just play it over and over again. Some of the tracks on this mix I rediscovered in my stash and was surprised to find that even though I had heard some of them a thousand times, years ago, that they still have something special that makes me feel alive.

douglas greed – process part 193 by modyfier

01. Philip Glass – Kneeplay 1 (Einstein on the Beach)
02. Autechre – Clipper
03. Depeche Mode – Lie to Me (Remix)
04. Martyn – Seventy Four
05. Radiohead – Up on the Ladder
06. The XX – Heart Skipped the Beat
07. Boards of Canada – Oirectime
08. Home Video – Gas Tank (Sasha Onvol2ver Remix)
09. Julian Plenti – Skyskrapper
10. Son Lux – Break
11. Jesu – Wash It All Away
12. D-Bridge – Wonder Where
13. Lomax – Too Real
14. The Knife – Heartbeats (Live)
15. Beak> – The Cornubia
16. The Stone Roses – I wanna Be Adored
17. Animal Collective – My Girls
18. Lykke Li – Knocked Up (Kings of Leon Cover)
19. Kadebostan – Vodka Wedding
20. Frank C. Jackson – I Want To Be Alone

2 comments on “douglas greed – process part 193”

  1. WOW. This is most definitely the best track selection/mix I've experienced in a while. I "felt" every track, some even sounded better in the context of the mix, some I had never heard. Thanks!!

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