commodity place – process part 192


We are so proud to contribute to the Modyfier’s process series and we would like to thank Rayna for the opportunity. The set below is a recording of a live session that we played one night in our studio. It’s dirty, it’s not perfect and the sound quality is not “state of the art”…but…this is a real night with Commodity Place’s music. This recording is dedicated to all people who still believe in music that is made with the heart.

All tracks are originally composed by Commodity Place. Special thanks to all at Còclea Music Ltd.

commodity place – process part 192 (live) by modyfier

7 comments on “commodity place – process part 192”

  1. tracklist please??

  2. tracklist pleeeeeease……

  3. …questi ce sanno fà 😉

  4. amazing set, made my day 🙂

  5. incredible music! absolute magic out of styles and genres.. thanks for sharing such treasure!

  6. Beautiful music – deep and dive :)Greeting from Surbahar

  7. Soaring and beautiful. I really adore this. Thanks so much for making it available. A new discovery in CP ! yayyy

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