tom mccarthy (earnest endeavours) – process part 190


First of all I want to say a huge thank you to Rayna and Mackaveli for hooking this up. It’s been a long time thing to do on my list and the process of doing this has really awakened a spirit in me. Sometimes you need a kick up the a*rse to do the things you say you’re going to do. This opportunity and process has really done that. THANKYOU Modyfier and THANKYOU to all the artists and record labels that make it possible for such incredible music to reach my ears. I hope you support them if you like what you hear – go and buy the records or CDs.

I’m thinking of a million things I want to say about the music I’ve included. How to rationalize it, to explain choices and direction etc. but I think ultimately its just the music I listen to most – and I have tried to include pieces from my favourite artists of the past few years. Some old, some new, I just wanted to create that moves between light and dark with a sense of disturbance and menace but also beauty and elegance – all the things that appeal to me most about modern electronic music.

But enough rambling – I’m not the best with words and the music speaks far louder and with more clarity than I ever could. So I’ll leave it there. Hope you enjoy it and please support the artists if you enjoy their music. Go and buy records and CDs from your local independent retailer or online store.

tom mccarthy (earnest endeavours) – process part 190 (underland vol 1) by modyfier

01. Hildur Gudnadottir – Elevator (Touch)
02. Deaf Center – Lamp Mien (Type Records)
03. Max Richter – Song (Fatcat Records)
04. Solitaire Albread – Pour (Miasmah)
05. Jacaszek – Rytm to Niesmertelnosc No.1 (Miasmah)
06. My Brightest Diamond – Dragon Fly (Murcof Remix) (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
07. Arovane – Goodbye Forever (City Centre Offices)
08. Apparat – Aspirin (Shitkatapult)
09. Pantha du Prince – The Splendour (Rough Trade)
10. Maps and Daigrams – Footprints & Secrets (Moamoo)
11. Andrew Thomas – Shiny Garden (Kompakt)
12. Olafur Arnalds – Haust (Erased Tapes)
13. Colleen – Sun Against My Eyes (Leaf Recordings)
14. Digitonal – Over Line (Toytronic)
15. Julian Neto – Fascination Pour Les Oeuvres Mineures (Miasmah)
16. Lexaunculpt – Emori Dixon Renamed (Planet Mu)
17. Nils Frahm – Ambre (Erased Tapes)

One comment on “tom mccarthy (earnest endeavours) – process part 190”

  1. This is excellent, thank you. Really enjoying it. Soulful, rich & chilled, and I love the start with Gudnadottir (I just bought her CD).Great stuff !

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