quarion – process part 189


When I was invited to come up with a new “process” for Modyfier, I knew I had to record something special. After much thinking (and even asking some friends for their opinion), I’ve finally settled upon the following project: to record my first ever Dubstep DJ-mix.

I’ve been following Dubstep since about 2006. I knew there was potential in this music to fit with my tastes but somehow I couldn’t find the artists that would really make me “dive” in the scene and start buying records. This all changed when I heard Burial’s first album: I was instantly hooked on the rolling character of his beats and the deeply personal atmosphere that he was able to create. Since then, I’ve been digging more into Dubstep and I’ve found some of the most incredible music I’ve heard in a long time.

Back in the late 90’s, I was an avid collector of Drum n’ Bass. I thought it was the ultimate form of music, blending together all the genres that I love: Hip-Hop, House, Techno, Jazz and Dub. There was also a very strong “forward” approach: producers where constantly coming up with new techniques and ideas to keep the music fresh, sometimes creating tracks that were on the border of experimental music. I feel this similar hunger for innovation within the Dubstep scene and it’s very motivating, as a producer, to hear people who are constantly “breaking sound barriers” (remember Reinforced?).

My aim for this set was to showcase as many of my favourite artists as possible, so I kept a basic rule of 1 track per artist (or project name). It was tough sometimes, particularly for people such as Martyn, 2562 or Pangaea who have released so many wonderful records! Mixing-wise, the selection had to be flowing so I took extra care with the order of the tracks, specially because tempos in Dubstep can go from 125 to 140 BPMs…

This set is very personal and I don’t think it can’t be taken as an introduction to the scene. However, the mix sheds light to a specific corner within the multi-angled Dubstep room and I hope it will inspire those who are not familiar with the genre to continue exploring the other corners…

quarion – process part 189 (dubstep special) by modyfier

01. Martyn – Far Away – 3024
02. A Made Up Sound – Closer – A Made Up Sound
03. F – Phase One – 7even
04. Four Tet – Love cry (Joy Orbison Remix) – Domino
05. Falty DL – Party – Ramp Recordings
06. Untold – Sweat – Hotflush 2
07. Pangaea – Router – Hessle Audio
08. Jus Wan – Action Potential – Apple Pips
09. Instra:Mental – Futurist – Naked Lunch
10. Pearson Sound – So Far Ago – Soul Jazz
11. Burial – Exit Woundz – Hyperdub
12. 2562 – Channel Two – Tectonic
13. Dfrnt – Tripped (Synkro Remix) – On The Edge
14. Peverelist – Infinity Is Now – Tectonic
15. James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof – Hemlock
16. Ghostleigh – Dleep Off – Ghostleighdubz

4 comments on “quarion – process part 189”

  1. yay… super nice mix~ what a selection, bro ^^peace from seoul~~~

  2. awesome! nice one q!

  3. Love it. Infinity is now is one of my favorite tunes of the last 5 years.

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