modern heads – process part 184


We were very pleased to hear from our dear friend, Tom Bonaty (Prologue), that we have the honor to publish a new mix on Modyfier. We loved the idea as it was an excuse for us, Gianluca and Dino, to work together again. We wanted to start immediately. The only problem was that we live in two cities, 1500 km away from each other (Gianluca in Rome, Dino in Berlin). So, we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to meet in the studio and work together, share our minds and understanding of outstanding techno music. We began by exchanging ideas on what tracks to choose and about the atmosphere and movement we wanted to give this mix. The first day we met in the studio in Rome, we turned on our machines and laptops and started our sustainable trip straightaway. With the lights low, away went our thoughts…just the two of us and what has bound us for 12 years: music.

The mix starts with a low beat atmosphere and noise and transitions into uncompromising straight beats. We enter the study after one hour of hallucinated traffic, and pass through an ambient garden to find the proper finish. The atmosphere was too good to stop. We will continue to pursue sounds that portray urban visions but that are at the same time also very spacious.

Thanks to Modyfier and Prologue. Words by Dino Sabatini.

modern heads – process part 184 by modyfier

01. Convex – Robert Henke
02. Ambient Garden – Gianluca Meloni ( Modern Heads )
03. Subtraktive – Intrusion’s twilight dub – Echospace Detroit
04. Grand Bend – Echospace dub – Echospace Detroit
05. Kenton rmx – Marcel Dettmann – Echocord Colour
06. Immersion rmx – Sleeparchive – Scion Version
07. Surma – Speedy J – Electric Deluxe
08. Cracktest – Orphx – Sonic Groove
09. Magnit tools – Collabs, Chris Liebing, Speedy J – Electric Deluxe
10. Trashold rmx – Substance – Sonic Groove
11. Aquaplano B1 – Nuel – Aquaplano
12. Romantic Warrior – Dino Sabatini ( Modern Heads )
13. Substratum – Mike Parker – Orange Groove
14. EDLX – Speedy J – CLR
15. Flat Axe – Shed – Ostgut Ton
16. Idea – Mr Bizz – Delikat Rec.
17. Real Life – Luke Hess – Echocord

2 comments on “modern heads – process part 184”

  1. excellent mix. nice use of deep dubby atmospheres and hypnotic repetition. cheers!

  2. absolute class. love this heavier stuff from prologue

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