master h – process part 180


A friend of mine, Dennis Bobbit, told me about Modyfier as he knows how I love to share music with people and express myself by making mixes.

This time, things were a little bit different. Usually I take the time to reflect on how to organize a mix to best express the mood I’m feeling at the moment. However, that wasn’t the case as I was doing two remixes in my studio at the time, one for Sillicone Soul and another one for Chymera. The only chance I had to make this mix was to find some time in the middle of all the production and work I have running my own label, Komplex de Deep. The thing is, I’m really happy with the result as it is a real instinctive mix. I didn’t spend too much time thinking about what I was going to do. I put on tracks that I trust strongly. At the time, I was working on my future release of Chymera’s ‘The Rumors of My Desire’, so I played it live for the very first time here. Enjoy and keep it real.

master h – process part 180 by modyfier

01. Linkwood – RIP (Original Mix) / Prime Numbers
02. Alain Ho & Daniel Kyo – All Those Frqs There / Composite
03. Joel Alter – Alley Cat / Room with a view
04. Robert Babicz – Astor (Glimpse Remix) / Systematic Recs
05. Chymera – The Rumours of My Demise (Original Mix) / Komplex de Deep
06. Matthias Vogt – Hofats (François Dubois” Remix) / Komplex de Deep
07. Kai Alce – Polyester Static (Original Mix) / Real Soon
08. E S P – It’s You / DJ International
09. Chymera – The Rumours of My Demise (Master H Remix) / Komplex de Deep
10. Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam (Original Mix) / Otsgut

3 comments on “master h – process part 180”

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