ernesto ferreyra – process part 173


It was a bit more than a year ago when, through my friend Mossa, Rayna contacted me to do a mix or a track for Modyfier.

Initially, I thought making a track and simultaneously writing down the process of composition was a great idea. I thought it could it be a good way for me to remember how I do things, since every time I finish a a track I can’t remember how I got there or how I made a particular sound. I guess that is because I don’t follow the same path from one track to another.

Anyway, lots of things happened in the middle. I was traveling a lot. I also moved to a different country and didn’t have a studio to sit down and work in and so it was hard for me to find the time to do the exercise. Fortunately, in the meantime, I found this mix that I made in Mexico in early 2003. It’s one of those mixes that you never show to anybody, a personal one that captures a special moment in your life. So recently, when I was going through special moments one more time, I listened to it again and it felt right for me to finally share.

It is an atemporal mix, even if you can place the sounds of a particular time. It doesn’t contain the kind of music I usually play on a Saturday night or the top ten of the hour. It is just one of those mixes that keeps popping up every now and then, that I keep re-listening to and enjoying once more.

I’m very glad to be a part of this amazing project. I hope you enjoy it.

ernesto ferreyra – process part 173 (bajo cero) by modyfier

One comment on “ernesto ferreyra – process part 173”

  1. fuck yes, you rule! i believe you may be remixing my best fried pablo "beaner" soon and i hope you do! keep making the amazing music.xxbrian/c.l.a.w.s.

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