mackaveli – process part 171


I was extremely pleased when Modyfier asked me to contribute to the Process Series, so I spent an extra special amount of time preparing and creating this mix. I think it’s fair to say that this is an exact representation of what’s floating my boat at the moment and what I’m constantly playing out and at home. I’ve tried to encompass a nice broad style of House and Garage in the mix and hopefully representing the UK to the max (all of the artists featured on the mix are from the UK, barring Claude Von Stroke, and well the Brackle’s remix is of John Legend but I’m going to let that one swerve). Starting with some really nice trippy 2 step from Pariah released on R & S Records and then moving through the mix we hit man of the moment, Joy Orbison. A couple of tracks from Hot City are in the mix. This is an artist I’m particularly into at the mo. This boy’s harking back to the days of 90’s rave and UK Garage (peak time around the late 90’s, early 00’s) and using this to make fresher than fresh House. A little bit of nice Old Skool UK Garage is flexed, too, from Scott Garcia (“A London Thing” never leaves my box) and finishing up with some recent Claude Von Stroke. Hope you enjoy.

mackaveli – process part 171 by modyfier

01. Pariah – Orpheous
02. Synkro – Just Say
03. Joy Orbison – J Doe
04. Zomby – Digital Flora
05. Joy Orbison – Brklyn Clln
06. John Legend – Heatbreaker (Brackles Remix)
07. Hot City – Head Work
08. Scott Garcia feat MC Styles – A London Thing
09. Roska – Hey Cutie
10. D-Malice – Keep On
11. Hot City – What Am I Doin’
12. Claude Von Stroke – Storm On Lake Saint Claire

5 comments on “mackaveli – process part 171”

  1. Mack is back…. playboy

  2. Will be checking and wrecking this one!

  3. haha, 'it's a london thing'.i can listen to that record endlessly. looking forward to this, thanks.

  4. A very pleasent relaxed selection. Cheers for that.

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