reagenz – process part 170


This is most of the Reagenz live show we did at 222 Club in San Francisco on 1-October 2009. Reagenz is a collaborative project that I do with Move D, aka David Moufang, that we started in 1994. This show has a few tracks from our upcoming album “Playtime” which comes out 1-November on Germany’s Workshop records, as well as a bunch of new tracks we’ve been trying out live over the last few months.

Gear we use includes a Nord Modular 1, a Roland TR808 (which handles most of the drums), a virtual Korg MS20, an analog delay and Ableton Live (which acts as the clock (it’s still unstable, please take note, anyone from Ableton)). There is also a lot of Oberheim OB8 that I just picked up a couple of weeks ago (the lushest 80’s polysynth ever). We trigger a few Ableton parts that are from our recording sessions and mix it up with the live hardware as well as some inspired guitar from David. The idea is to get the machines to do as much cool stuff as possible, in real time, and to keep it as interesting for ourselves and the audience. The first track ‘Shibuya’ is actually edited in from our Decibel Festival show a few days earlier – I didn’t press record in time in SF! To hear the complete Decibel gig, click here.

The 222 show was a really fun gig for us because there was lots of improvisation going on and unexpected things coming in and out of the mix – and it was a great crowd. So here it is, warts and all.

reagenz – process part 170 (live at 222 club sf 091001) by modyfier

One comment on “reagenz – process part 170”

  1. Loved the early tracks, but the new ones are KILLING IT. Thank you!

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