evad – process part 165


It took me some time to come up with a decent mix. I started from the simple idea to build it up, track by track and plan it so it would be perfect. I quickly left this idea, because that’s not what I stand for. I mix to express myself, to translate the feeling I have when in a certain place.

The first mix I made when I was in a difficult period. I didn’t feel alright. I had negative thoughts, a lack of confidence, etc. At the time I thought it was good. It was pure. But then again, I found that the mix didn’t have the finesse and feeling of the ones I normally do, probably due to the mood I was in.

Now – while writing this little text – I feel at ease. I just came from finishing a new mix. This mix. I have my thoughts in order, I feel balanced, comfortable and am looking ahead to the future. In other words, this mix is 100% Evad. Enjoy.

evad – process part 165 by modyfier

01. surrounded – cosmic cowboys
02. synthetic nature – nax acid
03. variance – function reduced edit – function
04. through the lights – claudio prc
05. the real ludronighter – carlo passamonti
06. reduktion – edit select
07. herbie – rossella
08. droning – samuli kemppi
09. fuel – obtane’s minimal dub – mike absolom
10. oruga – diego cid
11. cactus fatale – rasmus hedlund
12. one sided – damolh33
13. 11000a – jorg henze
14. nosonido – mirko aurich
15. fictional environment – conforce
16. pailletten – cio d’or

5 comments on “evad – process part 165”

  1. tracklist online after the weekend my friends 😉

  2. surrounded – cosmic cowboyssynthetic nature – nax acidvariance – function reduced edit – functionthrough the lights – claudio prcthe real ludronighter – carlo passamontireduktion – edit selectherbie – rosselladroning – samuli kemppifuel – obtane's minimal dub – mike absolomoruga – diego cidcactus fatale – rasmus hedlundone sided – damolh3311000a – jorg henzenosonido – mirko aurichfictional environment – conforcepailletten – cio d'or


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