lusine – process part 160


This is one of those tracks that has gone through a million stages and about a year later, I finally figured out how to make it work. I worked with my friend, Caitlin, on this track and wanted to make a sort of driving, almost disco sounding track, but with very flat, layered vocals. I had her write some lyrics and sing in the style I was looking for in several keys so I could layer them together. I tried to figure out how to make it work, and had a finished product that I was never happy with. When I was pretty much done with the album, I came back to it and decided to deconstruct the whole thing and start again. This time, I cut up the finished vocal track into pieces and re-sequenced the fragments. I made it more airy and completely changed the instrumentation. There are still hints of some of the original lyrics, but it’s now part of the fabric of the song, and less up front. And now, I’m happy with the result. It wasn’t her vocals that were the problem, but it was how they worked with the rest of the instrumentation. Everything was too dense. Some tracks are easy, because they just form themselves as you’re going along, but often I end up with one of these tracks that just doesn’t work, and it takes me months to figure out what’s going on with it. But, sometimes it’s more rewarding this way because deconstructing an entire track can be a nice way of finding out ways to accentuate what you like about it.

lusine – process part 160 (gravity) by modyfier

5 comments on “lusine – process part 160”

  1. all things L'usine are thoroughly excellent

  2. You did a fantastic job not only on this song but the entire album. Gravity is one of my all time Lusine favorites.

  3. Great pulse! Very creative vocals.Really enjoyed this track.

  4. i've been a fan of Lusine for years – i often work while listening to his live sets. 'gravity' is one of my favorite tracks on "a certain distance" – wonderful, thank you.

  5. I heard this song on an internet radio station the other day — I think probably "groove salad" on soma fm — and purchased it immediately. Love it! But I find myself trying to decode the cut-up lyrics. I've gotten as far as, "And if you need me tonight, then . . . and everything will soon be . . . " I'm really curious! Would you mind posting the original lyrics? 🙂

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