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Aug 26 2009

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When I was invited to be featured as part of the Process Series on Modyfier, I was excited and torn between compiling a DJ mix or sending one of my own productions called, “Cameronian,” that I made in memory of my good friend, Cameron, who sadly passed away last year. After a long think about it, I decided to record a DJ mix as I wanted to express myself on the decks instead of through a production.

I knew instantly how I wanted to set the scene on this mix, so I produced a hypnotic tribal track with a cut from one of my heroes, Sir David Attenborough. After much deliberation, I finally found the perfect sample which I feel describes the influence in my music from organic tribal sounds.

Once I had the introduction track sorted I had to decide which direction I wanted to take the mix in. It was always going to be deep, but would I take it moody or keep it nice and warm?

I’ll leave it to you to find out what I decided. I will say I’m very pleased with it and would love and appreciate any feedback.

If anyone would like to listen to the track I was going to choose that I made in memory of my friend, the track is released on four:twenty recordings. You can check it out here.

01. Ruthit – Intro Tool
02. Lauhaus & Sandy Hunter – Well Well Well
03. Sante – You
04. Veitengruber – Bon Melange (Afrilounge remix)
05. Patlac – Cedar
06. Town Crier – Humm
07. Audiofly – Shazam
08. Anthea & Alex Celler – The Playmaker
09. Okain – Where Is Monday
10. Coyu & Edu Imbernon – El Baile Aleman
11. Mark Broom – Jackpot – (Nic Fanciulli remix)
12. Mathias Meyer – Tenor
13. Ruthit – Brown

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