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Jul 15 2009

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The making of a song is mostly mysterious. Ghost Girl, from our new ep (in stores July 12), was written in just four hours. At the time, I was living in New York in a very old building in Soho. Sometimes I would feel spirits around. My mini home studio was in the exact same place where, ten years before, a guy overdosed and died. One afternoon I was playing a guitar arpeggio and my friend, Duke, started to play some chords over it. Two hours later an instrumental demo was ready. We decided to call Kim and after briefing her about the ghost we felt around, she sang a story about a ghost girl. Two takes later, the vocal demo was ready and you can listen to it below.

One year later, back in France, I finished the song production with 2 Square, making Ghost Girl a Telepopmusik song.

We love to be remixed, so some were been done by Jesse Rose, Blatta & Inesha, and Tittsworth. Below, the Jesse Rose remix to download.

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  1. is there a reason you're no longer allowing downloads at soundcloud? would love to hear this but i'm much more likely to listen to it if it's an mp3.

  2. hey dan, just check out the arrow down symbol at the right side of the soundcloud player: you certainly will be delighted to find out that this button activates the magic download function for the respective mp3 file. enjoy!

  3. I like the tune as a good well made pop treat. But to me that remix is so lame… too bad.

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