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May 01 2009

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I recorded this mix prior to leaving the place where I had lived for four years. It was really full of energy, experiences, meetings, images, odors and I wanted to capture those memories in sound. With so many friends and other people having passed through my home at different times, I was feeling strange about departing from it. This became a mix of sadness, nostalgia already seeping in, but also of happiness with thoughts of the future and a shedding of material things. Soul is never retained in a material form and has no limit for spreading itself. All these memories will always be with me, not enclosed in a place without access…

So I wanted this recording to represent the past four years of my life…a melting of happiness, deception, intense joys, sadness, self-interrogations, pure craziness…and in it’s entirety, show a feeling of hope and positivity. I pre-selected a large group of tracks that I thought would be timeless and not referred to as period hits. Then I made the mix fluidly, in one shot, because I didn’t want an intended and cold result. I wanted to feel the humanity behind it, knowing that right after it was done, I would unplug everything and pack the records for good.

01. Captain Storm – Anton Zap
02. Nitzi (In My Mind, So Fine) – Melon

03. The Secret – Lee Jones

04. Wat men hoort – omar-s 004

05. Orgsa – Sis

06. Vandon – Reboot

07. Thrill – Sascha Braemer & Philip Bader

08. Jus Your – Sex Trothler Feat. Baby Prince

09. Ice – Daso & Pawas

10. Reality Check (Vincenzo Remix) – Audio Soul Project

11. Marsupial – Dan Curtin

12. The Pump – Phonique

13. Jive Conspiracy – Wasted Chicago Youth

14. Coco Feel And Love Shonk – Shonky

15. Minimum 23 – Josh Wink

16. Sliding Away (Johnny D Vocal Mix) – 2020 Soundsystem

17. The Phantom Image – Vincenzo

18. Bummelzug (Afterhour Mix) – Daso & Pawas

19. Iridium (Superpitcher Remix) – Lullabies In The Dark

20. Baltringue – Chateau Flight

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