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Apr 01 2009

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I remember Ronan Fitzgerald writing something along the lines of “I have to record a mix with all those slow records” on his blog a while ago. Slow, to me, is something that does not come from the speed of a record or track only; in addition to that, it’s got to do with the whole atmosphere it breathes. As an attribute that can be labeled to different kinds of electronic music, “slow” has been – more or less involuntarily – debated a lot over the last couple of years, whether in the realm of the debate around minimal techno or, more recently, when house music got more popular.

I have liked slow music for a long time now and I can still remember browsing through all the new releases in Boomkat’s “Home Listening” directory week after week for new, slow music. As I was asked to do a mix for this series, I didn’t really know what to record at first. After thinking about the track selection for a couple of days, I remembered that a friend of mine told me that he would have expected something slower, something less driving from me as feedback on a previous mix. As I wanted to record a mix with slow music for quite some time anyhow, I began collecting tracks I enjoyed listening to in the past that were more on the slower, moodier side of techno.

In addition to going through records and tracks that were already part of my collection, I did some virtual crate digging for tracks that were new to me aswell: two real gems I discovered quite late this way that were both released on the fine German label Styrax Leaves are “Release” by Leftover as well as an untitled track from David Hausdorf. I also stumbled upon an early remix by Mike Huckaby from 1993 that I tried to fit in at the end of the mix to have something a bit more uplifting before ending with a track on the new BVP label that was only released a couple of weeks ago.

In the end, I am never a hundred percent happy with my recordings, but I still like this mix very much, as it has some great tracks in it and reflects what I enjoy listening to in a good way. I also kept playing the mix on different soundsystems and different headphones for about two weeks to make sure it wasn’t something I would get tired of after listening to it for a couple of times.

01. DJ Bone, Music (Subject Detroit)
02. Atheus, InChain FX (Millions of Moments)
03. Rhythm & Sound, Music A Fe Rule (Rhythm & Sound)
04. Ernie, Humanoide Oxidado (Deep Explorer Digital)
05. Jackmate, Gothan (Philpot)

06. Sigha, Expansions (Hot Flush)
07. Pinch, 136 Trek (Punch Drunk)
08. Oracy, Rewound (Mojuba)
09. STL, Hidden Dope (Something)

10. Kassem Mosse, Untitled (B2) (Workshop)

11. James Duncan, Untitled 3 (Le Systeme Records Digital)

12. David Hausdorf, Untitled (Styrax Leaves)

13. Patrice Scott, Nuonce (Psychostasia Recordings)

14. Leftover, Release (Styrax Leaves)

15. Madteo, Alan Greenspin (Morphine Doser)

16. Chris Simmonds, Work It (Mike Huckaby’s Reworkin It Remix) (Definitive Records)

17. Tony Rodriguez, Black1a (BVP)

5 comments on “”

  1. this looks very promising, downing right nowthanks for the mix

  2. enjoying this on a rainy afternoon after work 🙂 thanks for the great but slow music!

  3. After a few weeks of listening, i really need to give props to this mix.its relaxing and intense at just the right momentswell done

  4. i really really like this mix, but im confused, who is sma? i cant find anything about someone called that…would like to hear more 'slow' groove techno

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