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Mar 13 2009

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Venice, 7pm

Just got back after a walk under a gray Venetian sky…Can’t explain what this city means for us…Its narrow streets and squares, the colours of the carnival, landscapes and voices, noises, the lagoon as background, a thousand people joined together in a unique soul, a unique thought…This is the process for us….How emotions become something concrete…notes, percussions, sounds mixed together to express a message, a moment, an idea…

Looking for that particular thing that brings the emotions that become a message and how this message becomes music…we’re are processing the images of the day to express a thought and a mood in the best way we have to express this to people: the music….millions of moments create a unique sequence of our lives that become notes…

What makes the difference is the way we do our process…It’s never casual but always linked to a moment that is possible to find in time and space but especially in our souls…For us, a process must leave a sign, a memory. It should go deep into the soul of whom is listening to our music….something indelible…

Sometimes we don’t think about every movement or thought because it modifies the moment we’re living in…The process is something abstract but at the same time is something very concrete…being human means being processed from what is around us and to process everything we come in to contact with everyday in life…

Here in our studio, we’re listening to the tracks that impressed us for their message…A way to let people understand where our message comes from and what’s in our souls after this afternoon walking through our city…The session we mixed is the soundtrack of our daily process, today 24 February 2009…

01. Anthony and the Johnsons – Hope There’s Someone
02. Groove Armada – Paris
03. Mikael Delta – Happiness
04. Tricky – Hell Is Around the Corner
05. Mikael Delta – Barko
06. Ben Watt – We Are Silver
07. Matthew Herbert – Unknown
08. Dennis Bovell – Rowing
09. Joris Voorn – Another Place
10. Syreeta – To Know You Is to Love You
11. Smoma – Georgy Porgy
12. Cosmic Cowboys – All the Words I Never Told You (Marc Poppcke Remix)

8 comments on “”

  1. Great Music and great taste from our boys from Venice!!!!Thx guys.. I am listening to this while working at home at 10am and I feel fantastic :)))

  2. fantastic taste!where they was until now?I want more cosmic music…

  3. these guys have really something special inside their souls!how can they produce the music they do and then mix something like this?? incredible… now i understand why they're the romantic side of techno…

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