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Mar 08 2009

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With the magic of Traktor I’ve linked together 13 tracks to create a brief overview of some of the different artists/sounds/styles/labels in the “ambient” scene that have made a deep and lasting impression on me over the years. This Mortal Coil hints at the ethereal/gothic sounds I was interested in at the end of high-school and the start of university. Windy & Carl and Labradford represent the drone sounds I was listening to at the end of university and my first couple of years in Japan, courtesy of the Kranky label. Markus Guentner, GAS, and Donnacha Costello all point to when I first discovered techno in Tokyo, and then discovered that there was an ambient scene connected to techno. Shuttle 358, Fennesz, and Oren Ambarchi speak for my love of the experimental side of electronic music and labels such as Mille Plateaux, 12K, and Touch. Machinefabriek, Helios, and Max Richter represent more recent discoveries for me, such as the neo-classical scene and labels such as Type. Finally, Brian Eno & Harold Budd link to no particular time or place for me – instead they are a constant cornerstone that I continually return to during my explorations of the ambient scene.

I would humbly ask listeners to focus on the tracks themselves, rather than the transitions between them – I’m not a DJ, and this is actually the first time I’ve ever tried making a mix. I hope you enjoy this very personal selection of ambient sounds, textures and atmospheres.

01. Shuttle 358 – Finch
02. Donnacha Costello – In Spite Of Everything
03. Markus Guentner – In Moll 4
04. Brian Eno & Harold Budd – Against The Sky
05. Fennesz – City Of Light
06. Oren Ambarchi – Suspension
07. Machinefabriek – Zucht 2
08. Helios – Vargtimme
09. GAS – Zauberberg 7
10. Windy & Carl – Set Adrift
11. This Mortal Coil – A Heart of Glass
12. Max Richter – Harmonium
13. Labradford – Leta O’Steen. Design Assistance By John Piper.

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  1. A very nice selection of tunes indeed. I should be making breakfast, but I choose to remain in bed. Listening.

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