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Jan 06 2009

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There are different ways I make music when I alone in my home studio. Sometimes I record sounds from my hardware and sequence it in ableton live. Other times I sequence everything with my hardware and record it directly. I also like to work solely with software (eg Reaktor, Battery, Absynth, etc.). And then there are the times when I just play around on my piano.

I like to use many different devices (not too many, but still enough to be able to play with variations). I´d love to buy some more hardware. As the acoustics in my room are far from perfect, I use my friends’ (Soundsilo) studio to make a final mixdown. I also make complete tracks together with them. I think I learn a lot from them, especially about sound engineering and arrangements. If I make a dj mix at home, I select some tracks I really like and try to put them in a good order. Because a studio mix is not played in a club, I find it to be not as intuitive. Sometimes I like having more time to choose the tracks. Above all, for me, making music is about being in the moment: mindful and airy.

01. Pikaya – Grune Raufase (Cadenza)
02. Ricardo Villalobos & Jay Haze – Sunday Prayer (Contexterrior)
03. Audio Werner – If… (Hartchef Discos)
04. Monolake – Invisible (Monolake)
05. Horror Inc. – The Sentinel (Revolver)
06. Onur Özer – Sahara (Jens Zimmermann Remix) (Vakant)
07. Hakan Lidbo – Overnight (Moon Harbour)
08. Monolake – Plumbicon (Deadbeat Remix) (Monolake)
09. Sistema – Humo (Douglas Greed Remix) (Neu Lärmkassiker)
10. Cabanne – Jesse Garone (Minibar Music)
11. Pole – Pferd (Melchior Productions Remix) (Scape)

9 comments on “”

  1. i’m glad to see Clara here 🙂

  2. tracklist = beauty!

  3. clearly soultec – claro

  4. am also taken aback with how amazing the tracklist looks. listening right now and have high expectations.xpablo/beaner

  5. Pikaya – Grüne Rauhfasser is one of my favorites. Looking forward to the mix.

  6. Hey, this is a nice mix. Really loved it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Girl, you are the future!

  8. Yeah…a other great selection !!!Sistema – Humo (Douglas Greed Ruf Erinnerungen Rmx) is so good.Thanks Modyfier…sCh!Z

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