By: modyfier

Nov 18 2008

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This live set is my very first one.

A few days after the release of my first e.p on the label InFiné, I was asked to play my tracks live at the Rex Club, Paris. I was given a very short time to prepare the set (3 weeks), and in addition, I didn’t have enough tracks to fill the one hour slot given to me by the club’s management.

I needed to compose some new tracks, fast.

Imprisoned in my room yet freed by the sound, riding glorious peaks and plunging deep into anxious troughs as I experienced the loneliness of my isolation and the unparalleled joy inherent in the act of creation, I conceived this live set not as a succession of tracks but as a single, complete entity.

The second track was so inextricably linked to the first one, the third to the second (and so on…) that I became aware I was working on one single track that lasted one hour (or 1:30 or 30 minutes, according to the way I’d choose to play it when the time came).

Today, it is rare for me to be able to extract any part of this live set without encountering the uncomfortable feeling that I am amputating it from a whole, a whole which gives it sense, meaning, a reason for being.

rone – process part 105 by modyfier

6 comments on “”

  1. oh wow this is a great surprise! the Bora EP is one of the year’s best…thank you so much for this.

  2. thank you SOOOOOO much for this!!!

  3. thank you for turning my daily autobahn ride into a true magic carpet ride that brings back my warmest party memories – it’s so hard not to close my eyes…

  4. amazing mix. well done and thank you.

  5. D A M A S I O + R O N e = L U V

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