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Sep 26 2008

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This mix presents my new Popnoname album, “Surrounded by Weather” which will be released October 20 on Italic (in Japan on Fountain Music). When I play live, I take samples or full songs from the album and similarly, this mix does that, too. There are also some remixes of the album tracks. Pinto (Guadalajara, Mexico) remixed the track 2012, and I used the beat from the STORM remix, made by DJ Pici (Thessaloniki, Greece). The first remixes, which will be released in October, are from The Field (Stockholm, Sweden) and Tennishero (Goeteburg, Sweden). It`s a global world and I`m so happy to work together with all these people…all these artists from different parts of the world! Enjoy the mix!

01. Storm (Surrounded by Weather) live edit + the beat of DJ Pici (greece)
02. Perspective (Surrounded by Weather)

03. Id-Card (Surrounded by Weather) live edit

04. 2012 (Surrounded by Weather)
Pinto remix (mexico)

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  1. fantastic to hear that the new album will be released this month by Italic – excellent! i am really feeling the songs on “Surrounded by Weather,” it’s definitely moving me in a good way. 🙂

  2. This new album is a diamond ! Thanks ! ! !

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