By: modyfier

Sep 09 2008

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I am an easily bored person. I am also burdened by a deep love for concepts and ideas. Two sides of my personality that don’t always marry very well. This has led me to a very controlled modus operandi when doing new music of my own. I work out a framework before I start, just so that my mind won’t travel too far off into a different universe altogether. From the outside this often seems like “leaps in sound” in my output. This is however not the case. It is in the things that I produce in between that the experiments and ventures into unknown terrain often take place. Then I apply what I think is good into my own productions. It is in these works that my gradual evolution in sound can be heard most easily. Here, I therefore present a mix of remixes made between early 2007 up until just recently. The order is strictly chronological. There are no effects or anything put on top, just a straight line of remixes showing the ebbs and flows of my inspiration and what that might lead to.

01. Martin Brodin – Semitone Shuffle (Unai Remiks)
02. Soultek – Lonely World (Unai Remiks)
03. Differnet – Patterns of Parklands (Unai Remiks)
04. Vibrasphere – Seven Days to Daylight (Unai Remiks)
05. Crystal Fake – Monday After (Unai Remiks)
06. Swiss Boarding School – Brown Coal Mines (Unai Remiks)
07. Bodies Without Organs – The Destiny of Love (Unai Remiks)
08. Drei Farben House – Looking Back to Control (Unai Remiks) (Excerpt)
09. Aoo&ooA – The flying House (Unai Remiks)

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