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Sep 05 2008

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Some mixes come together quickly, but this one took months — I kept starting it over and over for my mood would change and wanting it to be just right. I hope what finally emerged is my diamond pressed out of black coal, something that is as special to everyone as it is to me. I really wanted all of the tracks to speak to each other and to take the listener on the same journey that making it took me. When I finally found the last track to bring it to a close, I could see the pieces falling into place like a puzzle.

This mix bares my sweat, almost literally. As I was finishing it, I was working in my new windowless studio far back in a large loft space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I could never really tell if it was day or night. I struggled to even work and breathe in it during the humid hot summer days. Working there in ‘my cave’ I felt very secluded from the rest of the world, but cozy in a way. It was the space in which I could lose myself and forget about everything else. Hence the title of my mix: I wanted to recreate the cave-like feeling by putting together something deep, dark, sexy, funky, layered with lots of textures, something you could enjoy listening to anywhere day or night, that would make you close your eyes and get lost in the sounds’ rhythm.

I love music that has original sound design within it, that is abstract but that also uses dubby synths, is melodic and never loses its sensibility. All of these artists’ music is inspiring to me — within this mix there are 28 tracks in one hour and sometimes I have 4-5 tracks going at the same time. This became an experience. I really got lost in them. They’re heady and put me in a zone. I can see each sound bouncing off each other and at some indefinable point I begin dancing inside my own head and I can visualize it as if I’m really dancing. I hope it will make you do the same, wherever you are — inside your head, inside your cave, or out.

01. rico casazza / supernova / archipel
02. p.toile / piano piano / mothership
03. so inagwa / guhon / tougo ep
04. polder / tofudog / intacto records
05. cesare vs. disorder and rudolf / burludos / archipel
06. ryo murakami / down the sky / poker flat
07. hearthrob / heading for a heartbreak / dear painter paint me album / minus
08. johnny d / delete remix / soleil / safari electronique
09. guido schneider / as dry as i can / poker flat
10. ion ludwig / the manipulator of / respoal red
11. agnes / p-style / minibar
12. prompt / elephant / taboom
13. martin donath / tim xavier remix / abstract factory / rotary cocktail
14. frank bretschneider / dj tool / assignment 3 / archipel
15. ion ludwig / dermarage / calendars ep
16. bleupulp / dj tool / assignment 3 / archipel
17. kate simko / toolbeat / assignment 3 / archipel
18. paco osuna / breath / orbeat e
19. dj sossa / david squillace remix / jurassic / vinyl club
20. anthony collins / rabouine house / freak n’ chic
21. lemos / who do you believe in / cecille numbers
22. dewalta / farina
23. ralph sliwinski / johnny d remix / pox box / sushitech
24. shlomi aber / tokyo shanghi / ovum
25. alexi delano / two stops in williamsburg / clink
26. pheek / mike shannon remix / magda had a little troll / clever music
27. isomer transition / parametric pressure / archipel
28. mathias kaden / rhythma / vakant

13 comments on “”

  1. probably the best mix ever.

  2. this is fantastic !!

  3. I love it stef, great work my lady!

  4. This mix is a total delight! We can sense all the work in it and I just love the progression. It is a mix I’ll carry out with me in days of labour since I work alot, study and have photo-contracts. Thanx to Pheek for sharing, but thanx to you to transport me in your world. Definately on of the mixes / set I’ll listen to every day! Thanx, lovely lady!

  5. fabulous. thankyou.

  6. Really awesome mix – proper warpy, bleepy, funky minimal ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. was told about the mix by my friend Peter Elflein… mix is absolutely amazing. listened to it twice in a row, one of the most “whole” mixes i have ever listened too. the i read your description later, and it added another level to your mix. thanks so much for sharing this! can’t wait for your next mix!ps: love the story about the windowless studio, i used to have one like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. this blog is bollocks…who spends months making a mix…someone who has no creative talent and has to spend hours planning/editing/re-adjusting what they couldnt work out themselves on first attemptpeople on here are “uber” pretentious and lame, either that or continentals..especially casper c…what a jerk

  9. Mister Anonymous, it’s so easy to talk shit when hidden, isn’t? People like you have a hard time seeing the difference between passion and “uber”, whatever that means to you. To each his thing, we love what we do and if you think it’s crap, well just use Google to find out more about the better aspects of life that speak to you.

  10. hi mr pheek, i was a bit abrupt so sorry,firstly, i wasnt trying to deny people’s “passion” but more trying to emphasize that music is something to enjoyed, celebrated even……not some poetic wish wash like what the author has written in her about me section, of which seems to replicated in other sections as well…you can love music but not become a cringe- worthy victim of it…

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