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Aug 20 2008

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John: This song was born due to Buffet Libre asking us to do a cover for their Rewind Project in which all the artists were asked to remake an 80s song. This isn’t something we would have naturally done without the constraints that were put on us. We started off by sifting through our 80s archive and chose to remake NWA’s “Fuck the Police.” We wanted to do something that we felt had never been elaborated on. We wanted to do something that we knew none of the other artists would have come close too. Most of the other artists kinda stuck with the new wave / rock route and didn’t go towards 80s hip hop. I think people kinda forget about hip hop when they think of the 80s and just think of weird hairdos and crazy clothes or whatever. We wanted to make the song something of our own, so we threw out the verses and just kinda ran with the idea of “Fuck the Police.” We felt that it went with the attitude behind Trash Yourself, of just not giving a fuck.

Heidi: Yeah, Trash Yourself is about attitude and feeling.. It is more than music and less than fine art.. Trash Yourself is strictly what you want to take from it.. and what we aim to give you is meaning masked in the loud mouth antics.

John: I wanted the intensity of the song to match the lyrics so I layered a bunch of synths and guitars with over compressed drums to get a really driving sound. After I had the main section written, Heidi came over and we both screamed a bunch of shit in my closet. I distorted the vocals, chopped them up and built another section around them. A main factor in how this was created was the deadline. If we wouldn’t have been under a week timeframe to make something I think the process would have turned out a lot different, and more drawn out. It’s easy to second guess yourself when you have time to spare. Sometimes having a limited timeframe can be a good thing. It was a fun project. We are happy with the result.

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