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Jul 31 2008

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What you will hear is a vinyl-mix based on ambiance drones, psychedelic guitars and lost-in-somewhere basslines. These sounds usually surround my favorite beats but not this time since they’re taking a leading role.

I recorded this set late at night in my studio-flat in San Felice, Circeo. This small village is located in between Rome and Naples on the western coast of Italy. I love living and producing music here. The old town is based on a small hill that seems to remind me of a “horseshoe” (providing excellent reverbs and ping-pong delays), truly a big inspiration for my music production & including this mix of course! The hypnotism & magic have been always naturally related to San Felice and the ancient ruins. In the Odyssey, Homer even introduced the the witch Circe here.

The whole area is a National Park, one of these places where it is still possible to enjoy the silence. This mix is my small celebration to Circe’s beauty.


01 Agf – Impulse – Musork
02 Spacemam 3 – An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music – Space Age Rec.
03 Robert Henke – Layer 1 – I/CM
04 The Residents – Birth (Eskimo) – Ralph Records
05 Edgar Froese – Ngc 891 (Aqua) – Virgin
06 Oni Ayhun – B – OAR 1
07 Aube – Sensorial Inducement – Alien 8 Rec.
08 Polmo Polpo – Farewell – Constellation
09 Analog 1 – Reduced – MCMLXV
10 Pub – Cokeshandy – Ampoule

Recorded at late night of the 2nd of July 08 in San Felice Circeo.

6 comments on “”

  1. Dear Professor Dozzy,I enjoyed your set with a dash of katafreulin and kartoffeln. I will also try to enjoy it with a little bit of findanken in the future.Professor Ardvan

  2. Much Respect Donato. I have been your biggest fan. Your potcast on just rocks. Rock on,Tommy

  3. Professor Dozzy is the authority on all things deep and psychedelic–from dance beats to ambient waves to pure drones. I hope he continues to give us lectures like this one for many many years…

  4. Very nice! Great segue out of Froese, btw.

  5. just beautiful Professor Dozzy …

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