By: modyfier

May 08 2008

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The track was originally a 2 Lone Swordsmen track that didn’t go on the “Wrong Meeting” albums. Often there are tracks that don’t get released and are forgotten about, but I wasn’t letting this one go. It’s got guitar e.bow on it, which I really love using. It’s basically a small, funny shaped thing which sits on the top of one string at a time and causes the string to constantly vibrate, giving a feedback-kind-of effect. Think the riff in “Heroes” by Bowie and you’ve got the e.bow sound. An ace vocal by Mr. Weatherall, crunched up and distorted. It works as an instrumental, too, and I have been playing it in live sets.

2 comments on “”

  1. absolutely *love* the art for this process. very very cool.downloading the other part now 🙂

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